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Juan Carlos, Barbero Bernal (not registered)
Title: Franciosini and the tradition of the verbal categories in the history of Spanish didactic
(keywords: Franciosini’s gramma, grammar tradition, influences)

Francisco Javier, Díaz Pérez (not registered)
Title: On the translation of puns from English into Spanish and fro
(keywords: translation, wordplay, film titles)

Hanno, Heuel (not registered)
Title: Strategies to create LSP – a contrastive quantitative study
(keywords: syntax, LSP, contrastive ling.)

Marlén, Izquierdo (not registered)
Title: Translating English –ing constructions into Spanish: Evidence from the P-ACTRES Parallel Corpus
(keywords: equivalence, options, strategies)

Marianne, Kilani-Schoch (not registered)
Title: Languages in contrast through linguistic myths
(keywords: linguistic myth, typology, semiotics)

Natasa, Logar (not registered)
Title: The Corpus Approach to the Building of Terminological Dictionary
(keywords: terminology, dictionary, corpus)

Francesca, Masini (not registered)
Title: Verbs, pronominal clitics and grammatical meaning
(keywords: verb classes, clitics, argument structure)

Francesca, Mazzariello (registered)
Title: Event NPs in Italian: the interplay of syntax, semantics and textual conditions
(keywords: nome eventivo, codifica, testo)

Maddalena, Menchi (registered)
Title: Il gerundio italiano: analisi di un corpus parallelo
(keywords: gerundio, traduzione, corpus)

Alessandra, Molino (not registered)
Title: What translation strategies in importing scholarly debate?
(keywords: noun phrase, translation shifts, science)

Oroitz Jauregi, Nazabal (not registered)
Title: Drawing basque dialectal prosodic tendencies
(keywords: Phonology, Prosody, Typology)

Dimitar, Popov / Velka, Popova (not registered)
Title: The Naturalness Theory and the Acquisition of Bulgarian Verb
(keywords: Bulgarian Language, Natural Morphology, Grammar Asquisition)

Noelia, Ramón (registered)
Title: Translating English adjectival catenations into Spanish
(keywords: adjective catenation, translation, parallel corpus)

Stephan, Schmid (not registered)
Title: Palatal obstruents in two Romance varieties
(keywords: Phonetics, Romance, Dialects)

Anne, Tamm (not registered)
Title: The aspectual database of Estonian particle verbs
(keywords: aspect, particle verbs, case)

Jarmila, Tarnyikova (not registered)
Title: Translating sentence complexes (English-Czech interface)
(keywords: sentence complexes, explicitation, variation analysis)

Ismael, Teomiro (not registered)
Title: Logophoricity and impersonal constructions
(keywords: impersonality, se-anaphor, logophoricity)

Stavroula, Voyatzi (not registered)
Title: Multiword adverbs in French and in Greek
(keywords: multiword adverb, syntactic properties, electronic dictionar)

Lihi, Yariv-Laor (not registered)
Title: On the Conceptualization of Mental States in the Chinese Bible translations
(keywords: emotions, Mandarin Chinese, biblical Hebrew)

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